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This is a one-time, flat-fee consultation that will help you with not only your present dog but also any dog that you may have in the future.

You are not learning a quick fix for your dog, but rather a canine language that will enable you to communicate with any dog.

The consultation will always take place at your home. Being that dogs are territorial, they behave different within their territory than they do when they are outside of it. Being at your home will allow us to observe your dog's behavior in its own territory. We also recommend that everyone who interacts with the dog on a regular basis be present during the consultation. This way, we will be able to observe the way the dog interacts with each member of the family and clear up any doubts or questions the household member may have as to how to behave with the dog.

Usually, the consultation will last between 3 to 5 hours - although we will stay longer if needed. During the consultation, we will explain why your dog is behaving as it is, and we will talk you through the Amichien®Bonding method, explaining its 4 key elements and how to apply them in your everyday life. We will also give you specific advice on how to handle each of the behaviors your dog is exhibiting.

Any change in the pack structure (a new baby, a family member moving in or out of the house), or in the environment (moving to another house, etc.) can make a dog change his/her behavior. That is why we offer you a backup support free of charge, via telephone or email, for as long as you need it, days, months or years after the consultation.

Even though Amichien®Bonding, is not a quick fix, is an ongoing process, some dogs will stop their undesirable behavior of their own free will during the consultation. However, every dog is different and some will take longer to change their behavior. Usually, the longer the behavior has been going on, the longer it takes to change it. And some dogs will offer more resistance to the change. The key to a successful, long-term relationship with your dog is patience and consistency.

We always recommend reading the book "The Dog Listener", by Jan Fennell. It will offer you a more in-depth understanding of the Amichien®Bonding process that you can use before and after we put it to work.