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DogsAmichien®Bonding is a revolutionary, kind, positive, non-violent and natural way of communicating with dogs based on their own instinctive language. And that is why, no matter the breed or the age, any dog will understand and react to it.

Dogs are social, territorial and hierarchical animals. This means that they form packs with their human companions (family), they protect the house where they live (territory), and they need to know what their position is inside the pack (hierarchy). But that is not all. For the pack to survive, they must have a leader. Sadly, if nobody in the pack is showing leadership credentials, most people, without knowing it, give their dogs the wrong information as to who is in charge. Their dogs then feel they have to take on the role of leader, even if they are not prepared for that. A dog that believes he is the leader of the pack will feel responsible for its members. The stress of having to cope with things that he does not understand might make him react in different ways, developing behaviors such as the ones listed before.

DogsAmichien®Bonding can be accomplished by anyone with an open mind and respect for dogs. All that you are going to need is to stay calm, be patient and be consistent in using the 4 Key elements so that you can be the leader that your dog needs. Once you are able to communicate to your dog that he is no longer the leader of the pack, thus removing from him the stress of leadership, he will relax, and most of those undesirable behaviors will ease off or even disappear completely.